Ponmudi Hills, Kerala

Ponmudi Hills, Kerala



Ponmudi Hills, Kerala

Posted by: Saurabh Narayan

Ponmudi is a a hill station close to the Rabian Sea, a idyllic day excursion spot with narrow, winding pathways and cool, green, wooded environs. Ponmudi is located at 950 ft above the sea level. Home to many beautiful mountain flowers, exotic butterflies, springs and rivulets, waterfalls and view points. This hill destination is ideal for long walks and treks.

A picturesque plush green dells and rolling meadows, blanketed by the various hues of the heavens above, adorned with a sheen blanket of frosty mist, whether you enjoy the outdoors or not. Set in the Western Ghats, this tempting beauty of the Ponmudi hills is a week end destination for the locals  in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. Families and friends  go on long drives up the winding paths for a view, shrouded in mist fill one with a feeling of wonder and amazement.   

With alround pleasant weather, the temperature is equable throughout the year and the three hour drive from the city is justified once the valley comes into view. One can always stopover at the breath-taking Kallar River on the way, which flows parallel to the road in the opposite direction, with the picturesque Meenmutty Waterfalls only a little distance ahead. A large number of cottages and resorts have come up in the area. The tree house view tower is another great place to visit. 

A trekkers paradise which offers beautiful trekking trails to all with wonders of nature hidden away from the casual eyes. You can walk all day through the trails with greater excitements. Varayadumotta, the most popular trekking trail in Ponmudi offers the panoramic view of the hills. To avail a trekking trip, prior booking is required and two guides will accompany the trekkers.

Some notable tourist attractions located in Ponmudi are Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Echo Point and various trekking spots.You can also find a deer park and wood and stone cottages coloured in bright hues. Ponmudi falls is locacted about a distance of 1.5km and the Deer Park, about 3km from the Ponmudi Resort. The peace and serenity that exists around the hills and meadows of this scenic hill station makes it a wonderful destination for the nature lovers, leisure seekers and backpackers. Ponmudi offers nature at its best, come to see the Clouds touch the hills.


Entry to the Ponmudi is restricted between 9:00 – 17:00 hours. Carrying plastic to this eco 

Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram, about 61 km away

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 67 km away